What Colleagues Say

The following is what some of his colleagues say about Dr. Patel:

"I found Dr. Patel to be an outstanding physician in all aspects of his medical care. His knowledge base was very comprehensive and sound, and his diagnostic and therapeutic skills were exemplary. His management of patients was extremely thorough and well thought out and yet he could also act quickly and decisively during an emergency. He is a very compassionate individual, who related extremely well with his patients and with their families. His interaction with other physicians and other hospital personnel was very professional and cordial."

"He is well liked by his patients and he spends a great deal of time with his patients and families. His medical evaluation is beyond reproach and his clinical judgment and medical knowledge in medicine are excellent."

"He is an excellent clinical physician with an excellent bedside manner. He takes extremely good care of his patients and treats them with utmost respect...and is well thought of in the community."

"Dr. Patel is extremely knowledgeable and hard working internist who is well thought of in the community....His clinical skills are well known. He has handled some of the more difficult cases in our community with great skill and with favorable outcomes. He is well thought of by his patients. His bedside manner is superlative and quite sensitive."

Case Studies

Dr. Patel saw 2 patients a few years ago with hypertension, both were in their 30s and one patient had uncontrolled hypertension because she was not taking her medications due to side effects. When she complied with the new medication regimen prescribed by Dr. Patel, her BP was in the acceptable ranges without any side effects. Both patients were seen by other physicians in the past; Dr. Patel detected both patients to have renal lesions indicative of kidney tumor on their initial work up. Urologists resected the tumor on both cases and they were found to be malignant kidney tumors. Both patients did well post operatively on further follow up while under the care of Dr. Patel.

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