Patient Forms

Please complete the following forms and bring to your appointment.

Please request your previous providers (e.g. Hospitals, Physicians or other health providers, Emergency Room or Urgent Care or any other facility) to mail your medical records including immunizations, cancer screening directly to our office after you have been first seen or you could bring them with you at the time of your first or subsequent office visit.

We request that you do not transmit your medical records though our fax line unless requested by Dr. Patel. Fax pages should be limited to no more than10 pages so that it does not tie up or interfere with other incoming reports or outgoing faxes. All records should also be mailed to our office.

Please bring in your medication bottles and anything else you would want Dr. Patel to review.

Please note that unless Dr. Patel sees a patient in our office or in Emergency Room or in hospital first, the patient is not considered to be under our care.

All patients are encouraged to bring in a copy of their Advance HealthCare Directive.

For any emergency, please call 9-1-1 and go to the nearest emergency room.

Case Studies

Dr. Patel was called in by an Obstetrician to see a patient who had severe abdominal pain and who was in the midst of delivering her baby. Dr. Patel promptly saw the patient and found her to have an acute abdominal condition requiring immediate surgery. She was found to have acute Meckel's diverticulitis and recuperated well after the surgery and delivering her healthy baby.

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